“I can’t thank Kev enough for my experience. It’s been a very long time since I lost my Dad and was honestly not holding out any hope that he may come through, but he did, and it was an amazing experience. I left feeling very comforted and at ease. Thank you very much Kev

M.H – June 2022

“It was so lovely to meet you and just wanted to thank you for such a lovely reading which was of great comfort to me. Many thanks.

T.W – June 2022

I really enjoyed my reading with Kev, it was accurate, personal and gave me the reassurance I needed regarding family members that had passed.”

B.P – December 2021

“I met kevin yesterday for a reading and was amazed at the details he said about relatives that have passed, he is softly spoken and explains everything about what may happen next , I’m so glad to have spoken with you kevin and making me feel at ease. dawn

D.R – October 2021

“Wow just Wow! I had a reading with Kevin and he didn’t disappoint! Kevin connected with my Dad which for me was amazing. I’d been to a couple mediums before and my dad had never came through. Kevin talked about family members and places and he was spot on. He even mentioned things that I’d experienced in my house. I’d definitely recommend Kevin if you’re interested in having a reading done. Absolutely genuinely nice bloke who made me feel at ease and he came across as very Compassionate about his gift xx
Thanks again Kevin xx”

S.G – October 2021

“highly recommend Kev , brought up some happy memories of my mum of which brought me some comfort hearing it .
Made me feel at ease even when I got emotional. thank you kev for a fantastic reading.

T.P – September 2021

“I’ve had a reading with Kevin and its highly recommended. So many memories brought to life. Also some new ones that have been confirmed. thank you x”

C.S – August 2021

“Just had a reading, fantastic experience, a bit of of a cliche, but have had some closure, would definitely recommend!”

S.M.T – August 2021

“not much I can say really but amazing and spot on thanknyou so much”

K.B – August 2021

“Had an appointment with Kev yesterday and I would recommend him. I felt at ease, he was welcoming and happy to explain everything. He did not rush and the information he was passing from spirit was accurate and reassuring. I will definitely be going back at some point.”

J.L – August 2021

amazing , found so much comfort”

J.L – August 2021

“I recently had a private reading with Kevin which was an amazing experience.I highly recommend Kevin and already have family members who want to book a reading. Thank you again Kev”

J.E – June 2021

“Had a lovely reading with kev recently and he was so spot on with the information he was bringing through to me. I would highly recommend him for your readings and makes you feel really at ease. Thank you kev.”

J.S – June 2021

“Amazing reading with Kev this morning. Left feeling warm and loved knowing my treasured loved ones are there with me. Kev knew things that there is no way anyone would ever know. Highly recommend if you want to hear from a loved one. X”

C.W – October 2020

“Had a fantastic reading with Kevin, most genuine and spot on reading ever. Got all the information and names accurate. Can’t wait for another one and highly recommend.”

J.T – September 2020

I had my first reading with Kevin today and it was fantastic. He reached out to my family members and both my Gran and Grandad came through. It was very emotional and left me feeling very connected to them both. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a reading and will most definitely be returning x

A.W – September 2020

“Had the best and most accurate reading ever today with Kev! It was very emotional but Kev gave me so much reassurance and closure that bought a lot of happiness! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants an accurate and genuine reading. Thank you so much.”

G.T – September 2020

Had Kevin around today and what can I say, what an experience I have had so thank you so much for the information and message you have given me from both my grandads I can highly recommend.”

D.M – September 2020

I had a reading with my Mum and Kevin was amazing – he put us at ease and managed to reach our loved ones. It was very emotional but in a good way. Thank you.

K.L.P – August 2020

I had a reading with Kevin recently and I was left feeling very emotional in a good way! Kevin knew things that I had actually forgotten about loved ones that had passed, he knew the names of close family members that were all connected. I gave him a few items that belonged to a family member and he instantly knew who the owner was and which side of the family she was from and her connection to me. He gave me messages from my grandma and grandad that meant alot and I could relate to. My time with Kevin wasn’t rushed but I really didn’t want it to end! I would definitely recommend a reading with him if you would like reassurances that your loves ones are still near.

M.B – August 2020

“Saw Kevin today for a reading. I would defiantly recommend Kevin as he was very professional and compassionate. I will defiantly visit him again. Thank you Kevin.”

J.F – August 2020

“I had a meeting with Kevin last week and I have to say he was totally amazing, as I sat in the chair before we had even started I had a pulse in the right arm that was so strong it made my finger twitch ( I’ve never experienced anything like this before ) this continued along with pins and needles through the whole reading. Every name Kevin said was relevant to someone in my family! These were not common names that you would hear on a regular basis at all. He was able to describe these people to an absolute tee ! Family members that I’d never even met only seen in photos came through , Kevin talked about facts and things to do with my family that he would never have known, I was blown away and just can’t wait to have another session again. Thank you Kevin you have a true gift and are amazing x”

J.R – August 2020

“I cannot recommend Kevin enough. I attended my first ever reading yesterday and didn’t know what to expect. Kevin’s friendly persona soon put me at ease as he explained the process and background of his work. During the reading he came through with numerous names and occurances that are very personal to me and mean alot. Being brutally honest I went in with a sceptical mind and prepared to take everything with a ‘pinch of salt’. I now truly believe and will be returning again. Thanks Kev.”

B.E – August 2020