Kevin Hynes

Spiritual Medium

Hello and welcome to the official website of Kevin Hynes Spiritual Medium.

Thank you for taking time to visit my website, this  is  where  you  can discover  more  about  me  and  where  my  journey  started as a  spiritualist  medium and healer. 

I would like to give you a little insight of what services I offer. As a medium I act as a mediator between the world of the living and of the deceased. Through communication with the passed person I endeavour to give evidence or details of the passed person’s life to his or her loved ones to verify their continued existence in spirit world, above all else I pass on messages of positivity, love and guidance. 

Through Mental Mediumship I undertake Spirit communication using the following Para physical senses:-  Clairvoyance – to see images and scenes within my mind’s eye.  Clairsentience – to sense Spirit through touch, feeling. Also described as a knowing that spirit is present and trying to communicate.  Clairaudience – is the intuitive ability to hear Spirit communicating, including hearing a stream of thoughts entering the inner minds ear. I also like to work with photographs of passed loved ones and Psychometry. Healing – I am also a qualified Reiki Healer.

I am available to book for the following services:-

In person Private Readings

Paranormal Investigations as a Guest Medium 

Reiki Healing 

Member of The Guild of Spiritual Workers

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